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Liquid Asset Artist's Debt

Liquid Asset – (Berliner Sparkasse)
Format: Bank Statement of Artist's Debt – €363.87 (July 2015) on passepartout 
Dimensions: 60cm x 60cm (Framed)
Date: 2015 
Edition: Unique
Price: €363.87 (no gallery fee included)

‘Liquid Asset’ consists of a printed record (a bank statement) containing the recent financial transactions and information regarding the artist’s liable capital to his creditors, the Berliner Sparkasse bank. Each edition of the ongoing series is unique, limited to only being presented when the artist has negative equity. The purchase price of each artwork is always fixed to the value of the artist’s debt. Doherty first exhibited and sold his debt in 1997 at an exhibition titled ‘Young Contemporaries’ at Gallery 1, Oxford Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland. In renewing how we regard the intangible value of art Doherty transforms a banal personal reality into something increasingly universal and sublime. 

“Most chortlesome piece is Maurice Doherty’s ‘By Cheque Please’, reasonably priced at £495.61. Doherty displays his bank statement for May, showing an overdraft of £495.61. The gallery assured me they would not take their usual 40 per cent commission on this piece should a sale ensue.” - ‘Young Contemporaries’ - The Sunday Times, Gavin Weston
In carrying on with the tradition of the ‘Liquid Asset’ series, Manière Noire will circumvent the gallery fee to enable the artist to reach the equilibrium of a €0.00 bank balance.

Exhibition text: MAKEARTHISTORY, Manière Noire, Berlin





Artist's Debt

Liquid Asset – Berliner Sparkasse - Exhibition: MAKEARTHISTORY - Maurice Doherty - Installation View, Manière Noire, Berlin



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