Installation View (Detail): Glasgow Science Centre, Scotland | Exhibition: Maurice Doherty, Glasgow International Festival (2008)

The Neurological Consequences Of Infatuation

Format: Acrylic On Canvas  

Dimensions:  200 x 200 cm
Date: 2008

Commissioned by Glasgow Science Centre, Scotland

Studio View: Glasgow Science Centre, Scotland | Acrylic On Canvas | Dimensions:  200 x 200 cm (2008) 

Maurice Doherty puts finishing touches to his painting ‘The Neurochemical Consequences of Infatuation’. Part of his show on next week at the Futures Gallery at the Glasgow Science Centre. Maurice employs a wide use of media to explore the fundamental ambiguities at the heart of the human experience.

Scotland on Sunday, 4th April 2008  |  Image Copyright: Robert Perry, Scotland on Sunday

Promotional Image: Robert Perry | Feature: Scotland On Sunday, Sunday 4th April 2008 © Scotland On Sunday