Installation View: Glasgow Science Centre, Scotland  |  Exhibition: Maurice Doherty, Glasgow International Festival (2008)


Format: Living Sculpture / Maurice Doherty
Location: Everywhere I am between 4th March 2008 – 29th January 2024
Duration: 15.9 years  

Date: 4th March 2008 – 29th January 2024
Photographic Documentation (2008): Joe Connolly 

Searching For My Soul involves endeavouring to exist for a further 15.9 years, after the date: 4th March, 2008. During this period of my presence on earth, trillions of cells in my body will die and be renewed. After the duration of the 15.9 years, no cells will be left in my body that had previously existed. I will be physically made up of completely new matter.

During this time, my epithelial cells like skin will have the shortest life-spans, dying and being renewed in as little as 5 days. Non-epithelial cells, such as cells within my intestinal tissue will take the longest to change, taking up to 15.9 years. After the 15.9 year process, the physical transformation should be most evident in my face.

Photographic Documentation Of Action (Detail): Maurice Doherty | Photograph by Joe Connolly (2008)